Themes from Past Programs 1980-2005
This listing of concert titles represents every Camerata concert since 1980. They are sorted by general themes in reverse chronological order. Click on the concert name to see an image (as a new window) of the actual concert program listing.

If the concert name is preceded by one or more sets of two small notes, you can click on the different sets to hear different .mp3 60-second sound-clip samplings from that concert. A new window will be opened and the name of the concert and the name of the song (perhaps shortened) will appear as the title of the new window. A complete alphabetical listing of the sound clips (giving the name of the song, the concert name containing the song and the composer/arranger) can be reached by clicking on Sound-Clips Listing. The sound clips are presented here in the same order as presented in the actual concert. Each sound clip is about 1 Megabyte in size and, depending on the speed of your internet connection, may take a while to open.

Composer based concerts
Sacred concerts
Avodath Hakodesh - Ernest Bloch's Sacred Service (2000)
Holiday based concerts
The Magic of Christmas - with Lake Forest Symphony (1993)
Nature based concerts
Geographically based concerts
North, South, East and West - A Musical Travelogue of the USA (1989)
Genre based concerts
Other themes